With Our Own Two Hands-Full Circle

We will be posting in the next couple of weeks the full circle blogs, of the US kids receiving their projects from their friends in Ghana. We will share it much from the perspective of the kids, their joyous responses, and how they have expressed the impact of this project on their lives.

Holy Innocents' 4th Grade

On a very dark rainy Monday morning, the first of our reconnections was Mrs. Jennifer Brown’s 4th grade class at Holy Innocents’ in Atlanta. The warmth of the African sun could be felt as the room was infused with heartfelt connections through songs that these students, although thousands of miles away, sang together. Mrs. Brown’s twenty students chose to sing “With My Own Two Hands” by Ben Harper as their project to reconnect with Mrs. Aurelia Atsu’s classroom at EP Primary in Ho, Volta Region, Ghana. What started as one class singing spread like a harmattan grass fire in the school, and local area, with hundreds of kids learning this song.

Holy Innocents’ Webmaster and Communications Associate, Bonnie Taylor and Sarah Alexander, were in attendance that day to help capture this story. Please click on this link to see the rest of the story, told in print and video, and footage or both connections- Click here.

Holy Innocents' 2nd Grade

We returned again in the afternoon to share the “Heart People” project from Susan and Lena’s P2 classes with Mrs. Audra's Thompson's class. The kids were glued to the screen watching you all make the heart people! The kids excitedly shared their heart people, comparing them to their own, and holding them up like prized trophies. They sang a beautiful song for you as well, "May the Lord Bless You." We look forward to sharing their excitement with you, and this beautiful song, next time we are in Ghana.

A special thank you to Mrs. Terri Potter, Mrs. Jennifer Brown, Mrs.Audra Thompson, Mrs. Anne Reiger and Mr. Charles Schoen for your support and encouragement in making this international exchange possible! Thank you also to super star volunteer Ann McGinley, for traveling to Africa and Atlanta all the way from California to play the "G-tar", as they say in Ghana. Music, art, and love, are universal languages which transcend barriers created by distance and misunderstanding. All of you who used your own hands, and hearts, truly changing the world!  Akpe ka ka!!