Excited Anticipation

Do you remember when you were a child? Do you remember that feeling you had on Christmas Eve or Hanukah- that bounding energy that was hard to contain, filled with all the joy and excited anticipation for the next day and what the unexpected gifts would bring. Well, it has felt like that this week in our office- like Santa’s workshop with the arrival of projects from over 600 children!

Even more exciting, Christmas will come more than once during this school year. We are already working on the plans for a March 2010 trip. Volunteers and another professional filmmaker - Mike Beegle of Effection Media - are scheduled to go with us. As well, our website is under active construction, and should be up by Christmas.

Our logo is complete! Thank you Adam Peters! It is a Baobab tree-indigenous to Africa and one of the oldest trees on earth-with joyous children surrounding it. The Ghanaians have a saying, “It takes many people holding hands around the baobab to absorb the truth and wisdom.” The Baobab tree is also known as the tree of life, a place where community gathers, a guidepost for those that are lost, and is symbol of endurance, conservation, creativity, ingenuity and dialogue. Rather fitting we think!

Over 2,000 children will connect during this trip- we leave tomorrow! You can join us on this journey via our blog, or become a fan on FaceBook. The children have touched our hearts; we look forward to your hearts being touched by the same power and heartfelt difference this will make in so many lives.

We know you will agree, these truly are Children Inspiring Hope!