Drawing Peace Near

We got to observe the creative genius of children this week as they were expressing their messages of peace and friendship. This is just a sampling, and we believe the drawings speak for themselves. Their messages on the backs of the drawings included-reaching for peace; it is raining peace with flowers growing from working together and peace; when I think of my friends in Ghana I think of people working together; peace is bright and so are we. There will be many more messages we will continue to share as we pass them on soon in Ghana.

As the 5th grade students of Cliff Valley School left from an hour of peacefully collaborating together, Mrs. Kate Sidorski shared with them how inspired she was by their work. She wished them a continued peaceful day. We share her sentiments for all the classes as we have observed your peaceful and joyous nature; you have touched our hearts deeply and the ripples of your beauty is already making a difference in the world!