Missions and Values in Action

We reached out across Georgia and into North Carolina on this week recognizing International Peace Day. As we reflect on the week, we were struck by the level of questions, compassion and noted how these students are fulfilling their school's missions and values in their creations for Children Inspiring Hope.

On Tuesday, Cliff Valley School fifth graders shared their social development as global citizens in a greater caring community. Jennifer commented after viewing the video of her friends again that she wanted to go there and get to know them more. They were eager to begin their drawings to reconnect, which they began collaborating on together.

On Wednesday, I met with the most curious group of students to date- Mrs. Dimenstein’s 3rd graders at Holy Innocents’. As we were sharing some of the greetings in Ewe, the students starting pulling out paper and furiously taking notes. They exhibited a love for learning as they began imagining their new friends in the world community and their voracious curiosities with questions. I think they would have kept me half the day if they could have. They have given us some homework, and we look forward to getting those answers for them from their new friends in Ghana!

On Thursday afternoon, we were again greeted by the same curiosity in Ms. Rosenberg’s art class. We began and concluded the week with the World Peace Flame. Summit Charter School was in their Friday assembly round up, reminiscent of the outdoor morning assemblies in Ghana. Students performed a short play about one of their values- responsibility. We passed on the World Peace Flame and observed respect, responsibility, and giving as John held the flame and passed it on to his teacher.

There are ripples of peace and friendship being sent out to our global community. Thank you all for an amazing week!