Earth Stewards

You need to give back, the same amount you take from the Earth – Sarah, Karla, Emma, Summit Charter

We begin our projects today at EP Primary Ho-Bankoe in Rejoice’s room. The students eagerly greet us to carry our bags in, and speak with excitement as they formally welcome us with morning greetings – You are welcome Madames, and Sir. We share the pop-up art from Summit Charter’s 3rd graders and, from beginning to end, the same look of surprise and awe continues with each project we open. The students’ eyes brighten as the pop-ups and open faces express messages for the Earth. Jake shares, grow food local because gardens are a pretty sight.

Apparently we are a little spatially challenged because it took us a little while – even though there were step-by-step instructions – to figure out how the make the books become three dimensional. We finally get it, and row-by-row teach the students to create a card that will pop out. This was the highlight for the kids, learning themselves to create this new and unique way to share their own sentiments.

Songs filled the classroom next door, as we introduced Mrs. Calhoun’s 5th & 6th grade choral group once again to Veronica’s class. As they worked on their return colorful letters, we played the St. Andrew's School students singing the beautiful song Stewards of the Earth:

I am a steward of the Earth

I am one of many

All care is needed here.

All our shoulders, bearing.


Great if the gift we have to give

Greater still, the journey

Stewards of the Earth

 It is a great gift to watch the focus of the letters being returned again, and to hear the students singing together, 6,000 miles away. They quickly learn and know the song. The only glitch is the last line in the last stanza, which the boys are to take. We rehearse several times, reminding the boys they are last, and each time, they forgot. The class irrupts in laughter. We have no idea where the disconnection is, but Veronica is determined, and the kids sing several more times. We will return for another performance later in our visit.