Hearts of Hope

"The giving of love is an education in itself."  -Eleanor Roosevelt

Giving, without being asked, is the ultimate giving. Seeing a need. Deciding to put your own effort into creating something better. Meeting a need. An action driven from the heart, neither for reward or recognition, but the ability to make a difference in another child’s life… the giving of love.

Often times, we do not respond to the needs of others across the globe as the needs feel to big, beyond our reach. More than we can manage- financially or emotionally. We forget… how little it really takes… when we work together.

Mrs. Petty’s 7th graders at Riverside Middle School have given us all a lesson in generosity. A couple weeks ago, they surprised us with a $382 check for our scholarship fund. We shared the stories of a couple of our scholarship recipients when we reconnected in December. Upon reflection, they decided they wanted to contribute to the education of children in Ghana. One-by-one, class-by-class, they gave a dollar, shared change from their lunch money, and did chores at home for these other children.

Collectively, each giving a little, the rewards they reap will come tenfold.

On the other side of the globe, without them knowing it, Fred and Matilda (photo above from 2010) were doing the same. Although also recent orphans themselves, they focused outside of themselves as they set out to raise funds so their older sister, Bernice, could stay in Senior Secondary (High School). We recently received this news, and that they were on their knees asking for help for the rest of the sum needed. They had raised 200 Ghana cedis (about $120) on their own!

When we received this surprise check, as we were not even informed they had set out on these acts of kindness, we shared Fred, Matilda, and Bernice’s story. What perfect timing! Fred and Matilda are rejoicing, as Bernice resumed school last week. Cross-culturally the efforts of all of these children will make a difference for years to come. It has already lightened hearts. Edge nye le jahm- our hearts our full.

Mrs. Petty shared “I am so thankful for this project and all we have learned this year. I am proud to be a teacher and know that my students have truly made a difference across the world. Not many teachers can say that.”  Hearts of hope giving us all a lesson in love, and hope, made possible.