Fun Friday

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting by inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the object it loves.  - C.G. Jung

Play! That was our theme last Fun Friday. We all played. We began with talking about favorite activities as outlined by Mrs. Ross’s 5th graders at Holy Innocent’s. We owe great thanks to the Summit Charter School class which shared such wonderfully illustrated books of games! We drew a chalk box in the room, used a mostly deflated ball, and played. Laughter filled the room as we learned together, and slowly more and more lined up to play. It was a morning we will not soon forget, and the joy will ring through the schoolyard for years to come as they play this new game- taught to them by a class in Cashiers, North Carolina.

The same EP Primary School yard will also be filled with the colorful Peace Pinwheels, adorned with messages of peace and friendship colored by the 3rd graders at Summit Charter School. As we started this class, the students burst into our theme song “With My Own Two Hands.” We concluded the day by giving the colorful necklaces from Mrs. Painter’s 2nd graders at CT Walker Magnet School to the P2 Class at RC Girls. Several of the children rushed up to us with hugs as we walked in the room, and they too enjoyed creating something new with the colorful paper and paperclips. Thank you all for this creative day of play.