Heartfelt Greetings & Salutations

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart. – Helen Keller

Woezo…You Are Welcome! Whether it is our first day in Ghana or 11th, greetings continue to be warmly and buoyantly passed on in the classrooms & schoolyards. As we continued to greet and provide introductions in our second week, the response is always the same- to varying octaves- but joyous. Nearly the entire school swarmed us during break at EP Primary in Sokode- Bagble. At RC Mixed and Girls Schools, the kids poured out of the classroom with a shrill that resembles teens greeting the latest boy band. The children in P3 at EP Primary in Ho greeting can only be compared to a team winning a game with a last minute goal, basket, or run! Jumping up and down, legs nearly in canon balls, groups jumping together, cheering… these are heartfelt moments which connect us all, spontaneous and unexpected, tagged by elated emotions which we will always remember.

We know that children, and all of us for that matter, learn and remember best when we are emotionally- with our hearts open- connected, engaged and invested. We invite you to open your hearts and feel the purity of what is being shared between these children. “Our school in Augusta, Georgia is so much fun; the best part is talking to you,” states CT Walker Magnet 2nd grader Michelle. Her classmate Jermiah shares, “I think we will be wonderful friends.” Alex, a 6th grader at Riverside Middle School comments, “I have to say you guys ROCK!” Akpene responds to Dayne at St. Andrew’s School, “ I will love to know you better.” Next to a drawing on a letter she adds- Love covers all things. Rejoice shares, “I love you. You are beautiful” with Jessica. Wisdom shares, “Extend my greetings to your family and I hope you are all fine.” Enyonam begins her letter to Regan, “I was so much excited when I read your letter. I may say this is the most happiest day in my life.”

We have hundreds of letters with these heartfelt salutations! We extend our gratitude and greetings to all of you in the U.S. participating and making this possible. We feel these are some of the most beautiful things in the world… and that these are truly, Children Inspiring Hope.