I am H-A-P-P-Y

I am H-A-P-P-Y

I know I am

I am sure I am

I am H-A-P-P-Y


What a tone to be set for the beginning of our third week! This song, sung by the sweet voices of the KG children at Ziavi-Bamefedo says it all. We spent Sunday night, and all day Monday in this remote rural village. “Color, color, color, color” the children called out excitedly. We shared color today- crayons, colored pencils and brightly colored peace pinwheels created by Mrs. Knight’s students at St. Andrew’s School in Savannah, Georgia.

As we moved back and forth between the hut classrooms, center block open-air rooms, and playing chase meandering through a tree-covered schoolyard- we laughed and smiled our way through this day. Eryonam, the P6 teacher shared, “There will be peace throughout this village today and in the future with these pinwheels.” She further shared, “The children for a long time after your last visit wore their color pouches-created by St. Andrew’s 2nd & 3rd graders- everywhere they went.”

We overheard Promise, a JSS student, share with some of the children while playing ball last night- “They are here working on unity. To connect us with children in the U.S. and spread hope.“ We only share a few days a year with these special children, but as Promise and Eyronam remind us, it is lasting! They are happy. We are happy. May this happiness fill all your hearts back in the U.S., for you have created this magical connection.