Sharing Reverence

Tuesday was a special morning; for it was the first time we connected Canada to a school in Ghana. Students from the entire Wasauking Kinomaugewgamiy School, which means shining place of knowledge, created their mural sacredly on International Day of Peace and illuminated for us all the power of tradition in sending healing and unity prayers throughout our world. We invite you to back track in the blog to read of their special way of uniting. We played the beautiful songs sung by the spirit singers, as the students quietly and with reverence soaked in your messages of peace. The spirit of dancing children was palpable in the room. They then got their drums and began singing songs for you all. Meegwetch students of Wasausking Kinomaugewgamiy!

Wednesday was just as spectacular as the lower primary students were already jubilantly singing and dancing when we arrived for their morning service. What an outstanding way to begin a day! Vida, the Head of EP Primary in Ho-Bankoe, later informed me that the first Wednesday of every month the teachers fast until noon. She shared, “We do this so our spirit remains strong for all the children here-many of which have difficulties at home- so that darkness can not creep in.” They break the fast together, in prayer for the over 600 students that they care for. This is quite a testament to their solidarity and a true reflection of their commitment to these children. We honor their strength!

The week was filled with sharing of favorites for Holy Innocents’ 5th grade project, and many other schools. Love for art, music, family, sports, food, friends, games, and each other. We passed a former EP Leader, now at JSS across the street, and she was wearing the necklace from Holy Innocents’ 2nd grade. Her younger sister had shared this with her, the name of the HIES student still in masking tape in that back. Cliff Valley School reconnected with EP Sokode Bagble, and a new room is now adorned with all your beautiful creations. The RC Mixed Primary P5 class exhibited the most variety of independent responses in our opening circles. Akpe kaka, to Gertrude and Martha for a job well done with your students. The P6 students joyfully worked on their bags and portraits for Oglethorpe Charter School, truly enjoying the beads with letters on them and creating their return messages. Thank you, Meegwetch, and Akpe kaka to all of you for another outstanding week!