Hearts on Fire


Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. –Picasso

With each stroke of a brush on large textured paper, focused ink layered inside globes of dreams, and brightly hued tissue paper afixted with sticky fingers of glue, fire stirs in the hearts. We see and hear songs from the heart. Listen to these heart songs and allow them to reweave your severed connections to the One that you are a part of. We honor the small voices reminding us daily of the infinite possibilities to love generously.

As we entered the church service – running behind schedule, another rescheduling or delay we have now surrendered to- harmonizing voices awakened us deeper this morning. A sea of faces are continually turning back toward us in waves, smiling and grateful for our presence. Sprinkled about the heads in joint gathering of RC Mixed Primary and RC Girls, are crowns of “One for Haiti.” Each day we see the compassion of this global generation spoken in many ways, including these crowns which they have shared one of their cedis to contribute to care for kids in Haiti.

Valentines of sorts have been some of the projects exchanged. The kids from Wasauksing Nation in Canada shared their love for the Earth, and all about their marvelous selves with P6 EP Primary Sokode-Bagble. The mural they created on International Day of Peace hangs in the back of the classroom, and daily reminder of the connection they share. The students were mesmorized by the Creation Story shared on birch bark! The last project to arrive from the US via a volunteer were beautiful sparkle covered Heart Cards made by 2nd graders at Stevens Creek Elementary. Glitter on faces, students proudly read aloud their letters with volunteers and friends.