You Are My Sunshine

Sun gives us light Under the trees, we get shade Nature makes you happy

Emma’s P3A students at EP Primary Ho-Bankoe were beaming with great pride in seeing their work put together in a book that will soon be on its way to Mrs. Dimenstein’s 3rd graders at HIES in Atlanta, Georgia. The concept of acrostic poems was foreign to them and many were unable to grasp to concept no matter how many times it was explained and translated; yet, others focused intensely and successfully expressed their nature drawings in poetry just as their counterparts in the U.S. had taught them. Their focus and expressions were attuned with the natural world around them, and the sacred balance we are encouraging them to honor was acknowledged.

Dr. Painter’s 3rd graders at CT Walker Magnet School wanted to add color to their friends’ classroom after connecting with them last exchange, so they sent some handmade sun catchers. The colors of their beautiful creations shone brightly against the darkened walls of the schoolroom. The environment was illuminated even further by the joy on the faces of the children as they played with glue and tissue paper to make some special gifts in return. The students watched as the sun catchers twirled in the windows, moving easily with the flow of the warm African breezes. Our final delivery at RC Girls was letters to the P5 classroom. We are touched by the sentiments shared between these children, and on this day, particularly those of Jaleen in America. Jaleen wrote to his friend Linda, “I am just bursting with fun because I am writing to you. Love, Jaleen.”

The burst of fun continue on the EP Primary campus in Beauty’s P3B classroom as the students learn a new memory game using weather matching cards made by 3rd graders at St. Andrew’s School. Bursts of laughter explode from the students as they play the game with one another. The game successfully merges art with education; students recognize familiar images and words (of sunlight, rain shower, etc.) and they look with eager curiosity to match the unknown concepts, such as hail or snow. Ahhh, the thoughts of cooler air…

Under the shade of the trees in the schoolyard, we take time to soak in the natural playful nature of these children who reconnect us with our own playfulness. We are as enthralled with them as they are with us. Through these projects carried from thousands of miles away, viewed in dark rooms covered with shiny tins roves, sunlight bursting through windows, facets of interconnectedness illuminates within each of us. The very nature of us all- together- makes us happy. We are bursting with sunshine!