Joy to the World

We spent this day completing projects, picking up letters, and receiving the gifts of songs. With each goodbye, there was a chorus of songs and blessings for our friends in America. The ability these children have to burst instantly into joyful song is something to behold. Summit Charter School, you have instigated great joy and song today! The first group at EP Primary drew pictures to match the pop-up books from the second grade. This class broke out in several songs at the end, jumping up and down. They loved and were intrigued by your pop-up books! We completed the day with the boarding students at Prince of Peace getting an arts and crafts experience they have never had, and we feel certain, won’t soon forget.They love seeing the video by John and Phillip, looking at photos of the area, the black bear was a great hit, as were each and every project! Many of the projects are personalized, while for some, it was amazing just to watch them have the freedom to create with so many materials they hadn’t even seen before. The school band was practicing during much of the exchange. As the sun began to set on this final full day in Ho, Christmas songs filled the humid school yard… and heaven and nature sing, and heaven and nature sing, and heaven and nature sing.

We made a final stop to say goodbye to Eyram and Koku. The sun is down by now, but we know our way through this short path. Both of them come running, full force, and leap into our arms. They take turns switching between the two of us. Koku is young and limber, and when he climbs up again it is as if he is climbing a coconut tree, inching his way up into my arms. Their father asks, “What language are you two speaking that you can understand each other?” We laugh, and look into each other’s eyes, hug tightly a little more… love… it is the language of love sending ripples of joy out to our world.