Twists & Turns

“Reading is like life because it has twists and turns,” wrote Andrew from Barnwell Elementary School to his new friend in Ghana.   The latest twist here is that the Presidential Election will have a runoff, or “second round” as so many are saying, on December 28th. By then, our path will have turned back toward home and bringing these exchanges, greetings, and messages of friendship and peace back into the classrooms in the United States. As we reflect on each day, and now on the journey as this chapter draws near an end, it is those unexpected encounters, unanticipated events, and new friends that have touched us so deeply and woven vibrancy into the tapestry that began with that golden thread.

The classroom before us is life, more similar our paths than different we know as we share our humanity. Life, with all its twists and turns, heartache and jubilation, separation and connection, illness and healing… the alchemy of pure love… one of the best lessons and opportunities before us the children teach and inspire each day. The love for a new friend with an unknown face, the love of color, of a song, of a touch of the hand, of a drawing or letter, the love of life and hope for our future. Love does not make this world go around, but it sure makes the ride worthwhile! This is only the beginning of this ride, and story the children have to share. Keep turning the pages, help us weave this dream further and come along for the ride. 

Fall Exchange 2008admin