Joyous Heartfelt Greetings

As we have taken our first footsteps into the schools in Ho, Ghana we have been greeted joyously- classrooms erupting with cheer and song, teachers spilling out of the classrooms open armed to greet us, and out reached small hands expressing full hearts with touch that reaches beyond words. We are surrounded with excitement with nearly every step we take.

A joyous tapestry has begun to be woven for this second exchange this school year. We began the creations with a drawing quilt from a new school Red Sandstone Elementary in Vail, Colorado matched with Rejoice’s P4 EP Primary classroom. The vibrant messages of peace and earth stewardship hung on a chalkboard synchronisticaly timed with a lesson about the importance of our environment. As we greeted the original class at Prince of Peace, they were receiving a donation from a local NGO to clean their school grounds with gloves, wheel barrows and boots. They were draped in the windows and sharing their latest joys. They received their printed power point project from CT Walker 4th graders sharing how they help with their school environment… how timely.

We passed on the woven heart letters from Mrs. Jeanie Knights 7th and 8th graders at St. Andrew’s School in Savannah to the Leaders Group at EP Primary. As we shared of the sweets made collaboratively by 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 8th graders and their “Goodies for Ghana” fundraiser which fully provides for their first field trip to a waterfall, there was awe on their faces which dripped like melted chocolate into their hearts. Heartfelt cheers again! Our hearts were touched as several of the students pulled out letters from their friends at St. Andrews from several exchanges past.

Saturday is the 53rd Independence Day for this young country rich with genuine patriotism and pride. Every where we go, school children are preparing for the parades, marching and rehearsing continuously un daunted by the blistering hot sun. As the children march on to the beat of the drums, walking firmly and intensely with focus and pride for their country, we take pride in observing three of our schools- EP Primary, RC Mixed and RC Girls as they rehearse together.

The upcoming holiday has contributed to slow beginnings, in addition to some considerable logistical, technical and equipment challenges. We march on with the children into a new day, patiently with anticipation of another week and many reconnections. Please know that all is going well, and we will share more as soon as we are able. Miadogo.