Partners in Service

We are thrilled to introduce to you our new partner EVCOAfrica! The mission of Every Village Computer Organization is to provide computer literacy to the children of rural Africa through donation of refurbished computers and accessories, organize computer workshops and speeches, and promote community involvement and development.

When the Founders of EVCOAfrica and Children Inspiring Hope, Seth Owusu and Amy Gaylor, first spoke in 2009 there was an instant connection and appreciation for the work each are accomplishing. Mr. Owusu is a native from Ghana whose life was changed forever when foreigners came to his village when he was a child. He was touched by the selfless service and compassion of these people to come from so far and share their time. He went home that day, only 7 years old at the time, and told his parents when he grew up he wanted to be like them. In 2005, he actualized that dream of a child and founded EVCOAfrica, as a way to give back the selfless service he received as a child to the kids in rural Ghana. Amy, and the volunteers of Children Inspiring Hope, represent the very people that changed his life- foreigners traveling not just once but a couple times a year to impact and bridge cultures. “We had an instant heartfelt connection,” states Amy Gaylor. “Seth represents the potential for each child we work with, and the unknown and unmeasurable impact of being of service to children cross-culturally and how far reaching that impact can be.”

It was decided in the first conversation that we would partner in 2010. We will be collaborating to build a computer lab in one of our partner schools in Ghana, as well as implementing several Photos and Fun programs.

Children Inspiring Hope volunteers will be joining team members of EVCOAfrica in Accra and Cape Coast areas of Ghana this March to participate in the Music for Freedom activities and further collaborations for the future.

To see more about Seth’s amazing story and the work of EVCOAfrica, go to