Just Add Water

For the raindrop, joy is entering the river. -Ghalib

Watercolors have filled many schoolrooms this week. Students share their unique creations, adding water to spread streams of color on papers. Springdale Elementary School 2nd and 4th graders sent beautiful watercolors. EP Primary Ho-Bankoe P2 and RC Mixed P3 students really enjoyed learning these new techniques and expanding their creativity.

It seems like far longer than a few weeks ago that we were in snowy Colorado where windowsills were draped with icicles! The Vail Mountain School 7th graders sent letters and shared about all the things they love and appreciate about water- a recent Hut trip, skiing, ice skating, water skiing, surfing and simply enjoying the beauty of snow capped mountains and streams. The EP Sokode-Bagble P5 students were in awe looking at all these photos of a land, and temperature, worlds apart from here. Many of them passed on break to study each letter, photo and drawing as if they could escape into these dreamed of places with their friends.

They read aloud to each other the letters, and we were impressed with their ability to read these letters in their second language. The students, teachers and Head Mistress are touched by the kindness sent from Patrick- shoes for them to play their games in. There is a new Head at this school, with a gentle presence, and we shared with her that this is one of the outcomes of connecting children globally- a desire to share and compassion. You have touched all our hearts by your selfless generosity, Patrick.

Cool rains came this Friday afternoon, bringing all of us to a halt with the shear volume of rain that fell. It sounds as if angels are bowling in the white sky as thunder rolled us from the day into the evening. Our neighborhood children fill the front porch, working on their own watercolors. The rain brings cooler breezes and cleanses and washes away the challenges of the week, inviting a relaxing weekend ahead. We are so grateful for the water that has added to the glory of the week!