Sandy Can't Stop Us!

  Our volunteers were united at last in Accra, Ghana after the waters from Hurricane Sandy receded sufficiently to enable Christie’s plane to take off after days of delays. Most of the flights on the arrival and departure boards at JFK still had a big red “cancelled” next to them and we were blessed that the focus was reinstating international flights as she was on one of only a handful of flights finally being allowed to take off.  When Christie finally arrived at the Accra airport, she received a warm Ghanaian welcome from Kelvin and Angela and the three of them made the three-hour journey to Ho.


As the landscaped changed from the bustle of the city to the calm of the Volta region, Christie and Angela gently settled in to a feeling of being home. For Christie, who had volunteered in 2010, it was returned to familiar sights, smells, and smiles from the welcoming Ghanaian people. And while Angela is new to Ghana, she too felt connected as she was reminded of her time as a child when her family lived in Sudan. It is hard to explain without experiencing it, but Africa has a way of communicating a strong sense in the heart of “welcome home.”

Fall Exchange 2012admin