Waiting...MNT vs. GMT

We are less accustomed to waiting in the US than in Ghana. On Eastern Standard Time, we move at a rushed pace, schedules full, and often in time is of the essence reality. For those of us that have traveled many times from EST to Greenwich Mean Time with CIH, we have learned from Ghana that waiting can be an art. Going with the flow is better, and we trust it is all in right timing. We affectionately refer to a slower pace, now predictable changes in schedules, and come in time reality as Ghana Maybe Time.   Today we were to greet two of our partner schools, and begin our first exchanges. Mother Nature, more specifically- Hurricane Sandy- had another plan. While our final team member is departing out of Atlanta to Ghana, JFK in New York City is in between, and therefore we are delayed… waiting. As Kelvin shared this morning, “Mother Nature Time rather than Ghana Maybe Time has delayed our start.” MNT vs GMT- we always find the humor!

  We are hopeful this morning, as early reports are JFK will open today with limited service, and looks like we will be in that limited service. Angela has enjoyed extra time with her family in Accra. She and her little nieces enjoyed the art of play, make-up and colorful toes. Christie took the extra time last night to attend a watercolor painting class. For Amy, the art of juggling rescheduling on two continents has been at play, as she rests and works feet-up from home- on Mother Nature Time- waiting on the arrival of a baby.

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