Pardon the Pause for Progress

Have you been wondering what we are up to? Why it has been so long since we posted? Please pardon our "blog posting pause" and we have been making a lot of progress! In August, we trained 6 new Facilitators to help in the US classrooms in Atlanta, Augusta and Cashiers. We are thrilled with this fantastic group of individuals. A couple are teachers we have worked with, a previous CIH Ghana volunteer, and future Ghana volunteers. We know they will add new synergy, creativity and growth to our work. Welcome Angela, Jennifer, Kathee, Kira, Lele, Leslie, and Morgan!

We are sending our first team to Ghana without our Founder. We are thrilled with this progress, and a trusted CIH Team that will navigate our 10th Exchange. Most of the team is already on the ground. Hurricane Sandy is creating a slight delay in getting our final team member, and equipment, to Ghana. We are experienced with going with the flow, and know all will work out soon.

This is our 10th Exchange! We feel there is much to celebrate, so what better way to do so than sharing "Celebrations and Traditions." There will be over 1,000 students sharing family, school, community, and national celebrations and traditions. We look forward to sharing more of this... soon.

As they say in Ghana, we are coming! Many updates and photos to come.

Fall Exchange 2012admin