Well done!!

We never know the worth of water until the well is dry. – Thomas Fuller



One of the most impactful outcomes of our inspiration has just come to completion, although the benefits will go on forever. As you may have read earlier, a group of amazing 8th graders at Paideia School in Atlanta took their lessons on water, our Spring focus last year, to heart. They started a blog “We Dig Water” and become change makers with their recent discoveries about water issues around the world. In 6 short weeks, they raised over $4,500 dollars for a well with The Water Project. They originally chose Sierre Leon, as it was the closest neighbor in need to their Ghanaian friends they shared water lessons with. Since they were backlogged in Sierre Leon, they then inquired as to where the need was greatest. They were informed Rwanda and didn’t blink twice about where their goodwill was spread. Construction was recently completed on a well in the Rurama Village in Rwanda. Here is a link to the photos and coordinates, as well as a small story on a village of 408 people that now has clean water. Well done Ellery, Leah, Daniela and Ben! We remain inspired by your compassionate action for unknown faces in our global community.