Summit Games

I feel like I am related to everyone in the world. – Drew, 8 years old

What can we all relate to in the world? Games. Everyday, all across the globe, in schoolyards and fields, on streets and in homes, games are played. Childhood is filled with games that bring us together to play. In a steamy schoolroom at EP Primary Ho-Bankoe, students learned 4 Square, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Hacky sack and others. On a crisp cool day in Summit Charter School in Cashiers, North Carolina, students bundled in jackets to play Pilolo, Jack Where are You, Hopscotch and Ampe. They laughed and ran, making some of their own adaptations- and learning to play together. They have a few more questions about Ampe! It is a beautiful thing to watch children teach other something that will continue to bring such joy for so long. How many kids will learn these games since Ms. Leslie Rosenberg’s class sent personalized hand made game books and the same was returned by Mrs. Susan’s class? It is fun to ponder.

The third graders worked together to put the pinwheels together sent by their friends in Mrs. Anita’s classroom at EP Primary Ho-Bankoe. Drew commented after watching the video of their Peace Pinwheels in the P4 Classroom in Ghana, “I feel like I am related to everyone in the world.” They discovered a new way to make them spin, by twirling around in the classroom, or on their way to the carpool line. From the North Carolina to Ghana, and back again. We will take another turn of the wheel, and teach you this again soon in Ghana! To all our relations, may the games continue...