"For somehow, not only at Christmas, but all the long year through, the joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you." -John Greenleaf Whittie

Joy… giggles in a room, simple paperclips covered in colored paper and paper with colored images. Dr. Painter’s 3rd graders at CT Walker Magnet School in Augusta, Georgia passed these simple things on to the classes at RC Girls School in Ho, and they just received it back. As is usually the case when we give from our hearts, it comes back tenfold. Not only were they excited about receiving the letters and necklaces, they were filled with pride for bringing happiness to others.

The same was true in Mrs. Kilbreth’s 4th grade class, a class with many connected for sometime to their friends at Prince of Peace School. They shared a book of their favorite things, and received this back from their friends. As one of the Ghana students stated in her letter, connecting with the kids in America was one of the greatest parts of school.

Colorful cards with flags, a globe and hands were shared. Immediately the students in Mrs. Lockamy’s 2nd grade at Stevens Creek Elementary School compared their hands, to those of their friends in Ghana, also at Prince of Peace School. Some hands were smaller, some were larger, but all giving and outreaching from all these miles away. A couple of the letters even had pictures in them, a true prized possession for Ghana children whom usually do not have many photos of their childhood. To share this is heartfelt, and this brought much joy to the lucky kids that received those extra special cards. May the generosity of the joy given by these children inspire you to also share- all the seasons year round.