You've Got Mail

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.  ~Phyllis Theroux

During the last couple of weeks we have hand delivered letters written at RC Mixed Primary Ho-Bankoe onto nearly 300 middle school students in Savannah at Oglethorpe Charter School and Riverside Middle School in Augusta, Georgia.

What is being delivered is far more than a letter, just ask the students and teachers on the receiving end! A quiet descends over the room, with a focus and excitement not often found on these faces for a school project. Like in Ghana, many of the students ran around, sharing their favorite parts with their friends, commenting on the beautiful handwriting, or how good you all draw. Like in Ghana, many of them began writing their friends back… as if nothing else was more important than an immediate response.

Mr. Butler shared that he thought about framing the letter he received from Mr. Nuvey, the Headmaster at RC Mixed Primary whom shared “It is our hope that the link between us still continues.” Charlie, a 6th grader at Riverside Middle commented, “They are rich in kindness.” His classmate Evans shared, “This was a really cool experience. It makes me feel warm that they were so happy to read our letters.” Many commented on how “cool” this was, or “awesome!” And for several, smiles on faces with comments about how much they have in common with their friends in West Africa.

They have shared very simple things and connected to a new way of understanding of the basic bonds that tie us all, whether we live our days out in the southeastern part of the US or the southeastern part of Ghana. Africa is no longer just a large continent with safari animals, it is place where they have friends. Without going anywhere, these 600 students over 6,000 miles away found a place where there is hope that our world of interconnection can inspire us. We share your thoughts on how cool and awesome this is!