World Water Day

We have to see the world differently if we are to live more harmoniously. – Margaret Wheatley

As we rode in our taxi today to EP Primary Ho-Bankoe campus, the airwaves were filled with discussions surrounding water and the issue of urban development as related to growing water scarcities and issues in Ghana, and worldwide. These conversations are part of many being discussed globally today in recognition of World Water Day. Children Inspiring Hope is focusing on this our entire Earth Stewardship Exchange on Water. Thousands of students have learned about this critical issue that impacts us all, and they are armed with solutions and ready for change making.

Protecting and Conserving Water… as easy as A, B, C. Dr. Painter’s 3rd graders at CT Walker Magnet School sent a book of ways to conserve and protect water, for each letter of the alphabet. Each page filled with bright pictures and action steps for helping to inspire others to make a difference. Leena’s P2 students were captivated with the full-page drawings and messages.

Veronica’s P5 students continued their presentation board for Galloway students, pasting their individual flags with water messages. Anita’s P4 students happily reengaged with the puzzles, showing great improvement in working together and problem solving. They are eager to succeed and practice further. They have now created colorful puzzles of their own for SAS 3rd graders to enjoy.

These exercises are fun filled, while also real and relevant for the world they are shaping with their minds and hearts. These activities have given them relational ways of knowing their friends, and their world, with actions steps on making a difference.